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While the real estate industry has changed substantially over the years, our core values of relationships, community, collaboration, and professionalism have remained central to how Ron McCrimmon & McCrimmon Real Estate do business and will continue to do so for years to come.

Ron McCrimmon and his team offer years of real estate experience which is critical to devising a proper home marketing strategy. Such experience combined with historical market data, current market inventory and Ron’s professional intuition can guide sellers to position their property as the very best home for the very best price. It’s all about perceived value: Buyers must feel like they are getting a lot for what they are paying. Thus, a good agent goes beyond pretty pictures and eloquent descriptions and helps illustrate the unique and irreplaceable features that make a property worth its price. The agent must convey a compelling and educational case for a property’s price and be able to back it up with relevant market data.

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Pricing Your Home

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There is no greater determinant of a quick sale than competitive pricing. Consider this saying: “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” The same holds true for real estate buyers. Brilliant marketing can attract multiple buyers to a property, but it won’t elicit any offers if the property is unrealistically priced. While no seller should leave a real estate closing feeling they left too much money on the table, no seller ever wants to experience the mounting frustration of a property that sits on the market for too long and, showing after showing, receives no offers. Pricing a property for a quick and fair sale is a delicate act that deserves an expert analysis.

Your property will need to be uniquely positioned to create maximum interest and help produce the highest possible financial return.

Although the listing price you place on your property will influence its sale, there are many other factors that come into play. Some of these factors are within your control, others are not.

Factors Not Within Your Control

  • Your Property’s Location
  • Recent Property Market Values
  • Current Economic Indicators
  • What comparable properties have sold for

Factors Within Your Control

  • Your Property’s Price
  • Your Property’s Distinctive and Compelling Attributes
  • The physical condition of your property (home and grounds)
  • The closing date you prefer
  • The ready access to your property for showings
  • Being open to creative financing options
  • The selection of the real estate sales professional representing you